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Coleman-4 Man Tent

Rent a Camping Tent

Rent a camping tent. Don't splurge on camping gear. First time? No budget? Rent a professional Coleman 4-man tent from #kultuurAvontuurkamp for a day, weekend, week or month. Testing the waters and not sure if your kids will like it? Whatsapp the number on top of the screen to check availability. 

Whether you are in the Boyscouts, die Voortrekkers, Landsdiens, Girlscouts or just a private camper needing to break away for a weekend. We can help! Rent a camping tent (Coleman 4-man) through Ignite North for a safe, reliable, affordable and most of all DRY camping experience.

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Rent a Coleman 4-man Camping Tent with accessories

Setup your Coleman 4-man Sundome Dome Tent

Find a level patch of ground (not under a tree)

Clear the area (free from rocks and sticks)

Lay the tent out flat (and find the door)

Pull tent corners tight

Stake down tent corners

Insert A Body poles through the sleeves

Connect poles to pins

Raise tent

Clip the tent body to poles

Place rain fly

Secure rain fly with S hooks

Attach lines and sliders

Stake out ground vent 

To take down the tent; reverse the order

Rent a camping tent

The End Product Sleeps Four


Coleman 4-Man Tent

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Coleman 4-Man Tent

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Features and Specifications

Coleman 4-man Camping tent

Currently, we have 10 Coleman 4-man Tents available in stock. All tents are green in colour. Rent a camping tent:

- Ideal for weekends away, camping trips and festivals
- Sleeps: 4
- Dome structure
- Easy set up system
- Fibreglass poles
- Carry bag included
- Tape seams

- Colour: Green
- Material: Polyester
- Groundsheet material: 1000D polyethylene
- Tent fabric: Polyester taffeta 68D
- Warranty: 1 year limited
- Water column: 600mm
- Dimensions: 60.5cm x 16.5cm x 16.5cm
- Weight: 4.5kg
- Packed weight: 4.75kg

What’s included
1 x Coleman 4-Man Tent

Rent a camping tent.


2 x Coleman 4-Man Tent

Rent a camping tent.


3 x Coleman 4-Man Tent

Rent a camping tent.


4 x Coleman 4-Man Tent

Rent a camping tent.


5 x Coleman 4-Man Tent

Rent a camping tent. 


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