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Kultuur Avontuur Kamp Potjiekos

PK#5 Potjiekos

#kultuurAvontuurkamp + Pretoria Social Club has created a SINGLES group to enjoy POTJIEKOS around a fire one Sunday a month. Affordable. Safe. Very Entertaining!
In South Africa a potjiekos  literally translated "small-pot food", is a dish prepared outdoors. It is traditionally cooked in a round, cast iron, three-legged cauldron, the potjie, descended from the Dutch oven brought from the Netherlands to South Africa in the 17th century and found in the homes and villages of people throughout southern Africa. The pot is heated using small amounts of wood or charcoal or, if fuel is scarce, twisted grass or even dried animal dung. Small LPG gas cylinders (typically 3-5 kg) with a cooker top designed specifically for the potjie is also widely used in households in South Africa.

R85 P.P

Sunday, 7 November 2021

Knights Bridge DIE WILGERS Pretoria


PK#5 Romerige Bees Potjiekos. Boma Vuur. Pretoria-vriende. Met komplimente van #kultuurAvontuurkamp. 'n VULLENDE, smullende ete vir slegs R85. Om 'n vuur. Saam met vriende. Die perfekte sondag. Hoender en Beesstert afgehandel. Nou vir 'n HEERLIKE, romerige BEESSTERT pot. Bespreek vinnig. KAARTJIES beperk. Bring eie verversings en kampstoel. Familiepryse beskikbaar! Saam met gasheer Paul Joubert (en Ronel). Bring jou eie drankie(s) in 'n Coolerbox. Whatsapp Groep sal geskep word en 'n PLAYLIST opgestel word vir ONS musiek. Paul Joubert en Isabel Jacobsz verwelkom jou by PK#5! Bring jou EIE eetgerei. 

Whatsapp jou naam, van, selfoon nommer en hoeveelheid kaartjies en ek lewer 'n faktuur vir bespreking (betaling). 079 219 6735 PAUL JOUBERT Verwysing PK#5

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Leave | 15h00

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Forget all the myths. Follow these tips and your skillet will last forever. Yes, forever.

Cast Iron Care

The 11 Commandments of Cast Iron Care
  1. Respect it. You are it's steward, and it's your duty to pass it on to the next generation.

  2. Use it often. The more you use your cast-iron skillet, the better it will work, and the more you'll care for it. 

  3. Save this page. Tear it out and stick it to the inside of your pantry door. 

  4. Clean cast iron after each use. Wash with hot water while the pot is still warm.

  5. Don't use soap, ever. And no matter what, don't put cast-iron pot in the dishwasher.

  6. Scour smartly. Use course salt like Morton's Kosher Salt for scouring stubborn bits of food without damaging the seasoning. Use a paper towel to rub the salt into the bottom and around the inside edges of the pan. A stiff bristle brush also works well. Still sticking? Loosen residue such as caramel by boiling water in the pan. 

  7. Dry it immediately. Wipe dry after washing and heat over low flame for 2 minutes to open the pores of the iron. Use a paper towel and thongs to apply an even, light film of vegetable oil or flaxseed oil on the inside of the pan.

  8. Store in a cool, dry place. For pans, with lids, add a paper towel wad, and keep ajar to let air flow.

  9. Understand Seasoning. For cast-iron cookware, this is the polymerization of fat bonded to the surface of the pan. In layman's terms, seasoning is the glossy sheen that gives cast-iron cookware it's non-stick properties and keeps it from rusting. Protect and maintain the seasoning and your skillet will last forever. See below to learn how. 

  10. Bust the rust. Rub cast-iron with steel wool.  For the seriously stubborn rust on old, neglected pans, take the cast-iron to a machine shop and ask someone to pressure blast it with air or sand. then start the seasoning process (see below) to build a protective coat. 

  11. Re-season it. Here is the best way to re-built your seasoning and bring your skillet back to life. Wash vigorously. After busting the rust, wash cast-iron with warm and - just this once - soapy water. Dry well. Rub with vegetable oil. Use a paper towel to rub oil inside, outside and on the skillet handle. Wipe away any excess. Bake at 400° degrees for an hour. Place upside down on oven rack; line bottom rack with foil. Bake. Repeat oiling, and baking until seasoned. 

   Potjiekos Kuier PK#4 #KarooLamenMint


 16 October 2021
Knights Bridge Braai Area 1Kultuur Avontuur Kamp Social Potjiekos#kultuurAvontuurkamp PotjiekosVarsgebakte potbrood #kultuurAvontuurkampKaroo Lam en Mint PotjiekosOmdievuur kuier #kultuurAvontuurkamp
   Potjiekos Kuier PK#3 #Biltong Potjie


 5 September 2021
Social PotjiekosTuisgebakte brood op die vuurPick-n-Pay deeg vir broodBiltong PotjiekosKnights Bridge Braai Area 1Knights Bridge Braai Area 2
   Potjiekos Kuier PK#2 #Oxtail Potjie


 8 August 2021
Kultuur Avontuur Kamp PotjiekosSocial PotjiekosTuisgebakte brood op die vuurKultuur Avontuur Kamp Potjiekos KuierPick-n-Pay deeg vir broodPretoria Singles Potjie Kuier
Tuisgemaakte Brood

Tuisgemaakte Potbrood

Oxtail / Beesstert Potjie

Ons resep kom uit "...Sannie Smit Potjiekos gunstelinge..." oorspronklik uitgegee deur Struik Uitgewers in 1988 met 11 herdrukke sedertdien. Haar boek is 'n puik versameling van meer as 150 resepte wat van regoor Suid-Afrika byeengebring is. Daar is resepte vir 'n verskeidenheid geregte met vleis, wildsvleis, pluimvee en seekos, sowel as vir aptytwekkende bygeregte, vegetariese geregte, smullekker poedings en kraakvars brood. Baie van die resepte was 'wenners' by verskeie potjiekoskompetisies. Die wye verskeidenheid van maklike resepte, saam met grondige inligting oor die beste bestanddele om te gebruik en hoe om dit reg voor te berei, sal groot potjiekos-suksesse verseker!

Wyle Sannie Smit was hoofhuishoudkundige van die Suid-Afrikaanse Vleisraad, en alombekend vir haar radiopraatjies, gewilde lesings, artikels en televisie-optredes. Sy het oor die jare verskeie toekennings vir haar bydrae tot die kookuns en huishoudkunde ontvang. 

ISBN-978-1-86872-435-2 (Bestel gerus by Camp and Climb) Verwysing PK#2 vir 10% korting. 

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Potjiekos Pot
Potjiekos Pretoria

Potjiekos Events '21

Kuiers in Gauteng (our itinerary)

7 November 2021 @ Knights Bridge DIE WILGERS, Pretoria (Beesstert)

17 October 2021 @ Knigts Bridge DIE WILGERS, Pretoria (Karoolam)

5 September 2021 @ Knights Bridge DIE WILGERS, Pretoria (Biltong)

8 Augustus 2021 @ 693 Corinne Avenue GARSFONTEIN, Pretoria (Oxtail)

30 May 2021 @ Whispering Treetops CENTURION, Pretoria (Chicken)

#kultuurAvontuurkamp SINGLES GROUP

Potjiekos Facilitator(s)

Paul Joubert (51). Die Wilgers PRETORIA. Isabel Jacobsz (53) Elarduspark
Kultuur Avontuur Kamp Owner

Paul Joubert (51)

Owner of #kultuurAvontuurkamp

Isabel Jacobsz Facilitator

Isabel Jacobsz (53)

Owner of Pretoria Singles Group

#WhisperingTreeTops #kultuurAvontuurkamp #potjiekos #pretoriaSingles

Whispering Tree Tops (Pretoria)

30 May 2021
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Wedding Venue Centurion

Whispering Tree Tops

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