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Horseriding in Pretoria

Horse Outrides

The prefect family event. Or, if you are in HR or a business owner, treat your staff to the perfect TEAM Building exercise!
Saturday 22 January 2022, and Sunday 23 January 2022 we are entertaining 40 'newbies' or experienced horse riders; whether as single person or family activity! 

Horse riding is not for everyone, but for those who become equestrians, the sport comes with a whole range of benefits. Some are rather obvious, such as improved health and fitness, while others are less apparent benefits linked to mental health and personal development.

Maybe you are considering venturing into horse riding yourself and wondering what benefits does horse riding really have? Or maybe you are asking yourself if it’s the right activity for your child? Perhaps you are trying to convince a friend or partner to join you or you have lost motivation and simply need a reminder of all the wonderful things riding and being around horses brings to your life.

Well, let us help you out with that! 

Hiking Adventure Windy Brow @ 29 January 2022



22 January 2022 (Saturday) 23 January 2022 (Sunday) PLEASE NOTE: R150 for Horseride + R11 Administration Fee per person (Saturday). R270 for Horseride + R21 Administration Fee per person (Sunday)
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09h00 Saturday 22 January 2022 (8 Places)
10h00 Saturday 22 January 2022 (8 Places)
15h00 Saturday 22 January 2022 (8 Places)
08h00 Sunday 23 January 2022 (8 Places)
11h00 Sunday 23 January 2022 (8 Places)
or Book me for this date (availability will be confirmed)
Vrywaringsvorm / Indemnity Form Laat ʼn ouer/voog hierdie vorm invul, en handig dit, saam met jou geld, in. Dit geld vir alle Ruiters. Have a parent / guardian fill in this form and hand it in with your application. This applies to all Riders. Ek die ondergetekende ouer/voog: I the undersigned parent / guardian: 1. bevestig hiermee dat my minderjarige, hieronder, se aktiwiteite waarby mag insluit vervoer, stap en speletjies ʼn sekere mate van risiko buite die beheer van die organiseerders mag insluit, alhoewel hulle hul uiterste bes gaan doen om u kind se veiligheid te verseker. hereby confirms that my minor, below,'s activities which may include transportation, hiking and games risiko may involve some degree of risk beyond the control of the organizers, although they will do their utmost to ensure your child's safety. 2. doen hiermee afstand van enige moontlike eis om skadevergoeding voortspruitend uit watter oorsaak ook al mag ontstaan gedurende die perderit, en aanvaar alle risiko betreffende sodanige skade; hereby waives any possible claim for damages arising from whatever cause may arise during the ride, and accept all risk relating to such damage; 3. vrywaar hiermee die instansies en persone betrokke teen enige eis betreffende besering of skade of verlies van eiendom ongeag die aard van die oorsaak van sodanige skade of besering; hereby indemnify the institutions and persons involved against any claim regarding injury or damage or loss of property regardless of the nature of the cause of such damage or injury 4. bevestig hiermee dat ek die regsbevoegdheid het om die dokument te teken en dat ek gemagtig is om die dokument te teken en dat alle toestemmings wat deur die reg vereis mag word verkry is; hereby confirm that I have the legal capacity to review the document and that I am authorized to sign the document and that all permissions that may be required by law have been obtained 5. gee ek toestemming dat foto's wat ek geneem het, en gedeel het met Bestuur van Kultuur Avontuur Kamp, gedeel mag word op Sosiale Media vir bemarking van toekomstige aktiwiteite. I give permission for photos I have taken, and shared with Management of Kultuur Avontuur Kamp, to be shared on Social Media for marketing of future activities. 6. Onmiddelike verwydering van die perseel: Dwelmgebruik en 'n Bloubultrui of enige ander Bulls Memorabilia. Immediate removal from the premises: Drug use and a Blue Bull jersey or any other Bulls Memorabilia 7. Die eienaar van Bon Accord Horse Trails sal die FINALE assesering doen of 'n persoon geskik is vir die RIT! (tov OUDERDOM en gewig) Ek neem kennis daarvan dat die minimum ouderdom vir 'n RIT op eie is 5 jaar oud. The owner of Bon Accord Horse Trails will do the FINAL assessment as to whether a person is fit for the RIDE! (with regard to AGE and weight) I take note that the minimum age for a RIDE on its own is 5 years old.
Please agree to our terms by clicking Indemnity
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Horseriding Pretoria

18 Amazing Benefits of Horse Riding and Why You Should Ride Too

Physical Benefits

  • Balance and Coordination

  • Core and Leg Strength

  • Cardio Training

  • Improved Posture

  • Better Reflexes

  • Strength through ‘Horse Chores’

Psychological Benefits

  • Bonding and Companionship with a Horse

  • Teaches Patience and Perseverance

  • Mental Balance and Stress Management

  • Contributes to Happiness

Personal Development Benefits

  • Maturity and Sense of Responsibility

  • Learning and Trying New Things

  • Expands the Social Circle and Builds Social Skills

  • Competing – Dealing with Disappointment

  • Overcoming Fear

  • Problem-solving Skills

  • Builds Character

Horseriding Pretoria


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