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GC#1 Fearie Glen Geocaching


#kultuurAvontuurkamp GEOCACHES are hidden everywhere! Let's look at one near you. Saturday, 23 October 2021 we are finding all the TREASURES in Fearie Glen Nature Reserve. And with your help; we will register and hide a brand new #kultuurAvontuurkamp GEOCACHE. 

The geocache is a physical container that is hidden at the Fearie Glen Nature Reserve. View the geocache's description for details and hints before you look for it. The description will also indicate difficulty, terrain and size of the hidden treasure. 

“Anyone can play! And the thing that I like most about it is, that it is social-distancing friendly, encourages physical activity, and it’s kid-friendly,” says Paul Joubert, owner of #kultuurAvontuurkamp STAPGROEP. 

Geocaching is not new; it has been around for 20 years. On May 3, 2000, in Beaverton, Oregon, the first geocache was hidden, according to Geocaching.com. Jeremy Irish launched the website, a site which lists geocaches, in September 2000. According to the website, when it began, there were 75 known geocaches worldwide. Today, there are more than 3 million geocaches in over 190 countries.

Geocaching touts itself as the world’s largest treasure hunting game. “Inspiring and enabling adventure, exploration, and community through a unique combination of outdoor recreation and location-based technology,” says the Geocaching website. Pendleton County Community Wellness Coalition has certainly embraced that thought and is using it to promote just that in their community.

Arnold Theiler Memorial Horse riding Adventure 19 February 2022

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How to download the


as a non-member hunting for new treasures. Follow these easy steps. 

Step One | Search 'GEOCACHING' App in Google Playstore

Step Two | Download App

Step Three | Click on App once downloaded on your mobile device

Step Four | Continue using Google, Apple or Facebook as option

Step Five | Sign Up with Username and Password

Step Six | Read all Notices and Warnings

Step Seven | Turn on your location

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The Guide to

Geocaching Etiquette

Watch on Youtube. 
How does the


work. Follow the instructions below. How to get started GEOCACHING. 

Register for a free basic membership at geocaching.com.

  • Visit the page called Hide and Seek a Cache.

  • Enter your current postal code and click the Search button.

  • Choose any of the geocache options from the list.

  • Enter the coordinates given into your GPS device or app.

  • Once you locate the cache, sign or stamp the logbook before returning it to the original location.

  • Share your photos and stories about your adventure!

What Are the Rules of Geocaching?

Although geocaching is a treasure hunt, you’re not supposed to take items when you find them. The goal of this “game” is to make it fun for everyone! If you see something that you need to have, leave something of at least equal value in return.

Please remember to write about your experience in the logbook. You can also write a note on geocaching.com through your previous membership. 

What Should I Look for on My First Caching Experience?

The best geocaches to find for your first adventure are the traditional ones. When you pull up the locations near your home, take a look at the difficulty level of each one. Anything that is 1-star or 2-star rated is something suitable for everyone.

That’s not to say your first geocaching adventure can’t be challenging! If you want to hunt down a 5-star treasure, go for it!

You’ll notice a rating on the cache size with each listing. If it’s your first adventure, you might want to go after something rated as “regular” or “large.”

It also helps to verify that other geocachers have recently logged their finds on the activity page, which is called a “listing.” That means you won’t be wasting your time looking for an inactive cache.

The logs you’ll want to see have an emoji smiley face on them.

What Will the Cache Look Like When I Find It?

What makes geocaching such a fun activity is that you never know what you might find. The cache might be a film canister, a false rock, or a plastic container.

You’ll have an idea of what to find by looking at the description of it on the listing. Microcaches are less than 100ml, which typically holds a logsheet or logbook only. A nanocache is only 10ml, and it likely contains a logsheet only.

Anything listed in the large category is 20L or more in size. You’re probably looking for a bucket in that circumstance.

Custom caches are often the most fun. These have a question mark on their size for the listing, offering more details about what to find within the description.

Are you ready to get started? Don’t forget to register for a free account! Let us know what the first treasures were that you found. 

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Online Bookings Only. No CASH on day of EVENT. Thus EFT, credit card and Paypal payments welcome. 

 Be part of the world's largest treasure hunt. Age 6 - 60 welcome! 12 Routes. 5 Treasures. 1 City. EARN the badge! Get your children active, whilst using their favourite possession ~ their phone. Get FIT whilst having fun.Only R80 per entry. NB! Phone must have data.


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GC#1 Fearie Glen 18 September 2021
GC#2 Groenkloof
CG#3 Hennops
CG#4 Moreleta Kloof
CG#5 Hedianga Farm
CG#6 Buffelsdrift
CG#7 Muningi Gorge
CG#8 Voortrekkerhoogte
CG#9 ?
CG#10 ?
CG#11 ?
CG#12 ?
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