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D.I.S.C One Day Interactive Workshop

DiSC® is a personal assessment tool used by more than one million people every year to help improve teamwork, communication, and productivity in the workplace. 

A DISC profile gives an overall understanding of how a person interacts with the outside world. That way, the DISC model gives you a useful tool to communicate effectively with different customer types and makes sure you close more of your deals! 

DISC profile background and purpose

The DISC model is a well-proven communication model with roots dating back to 1928, where it was first presented by William Marston. It is often misunderstood as a personality type model, but a DISC profile does not tell anything about your values, competencies or feelings. It relates only to the observable behaviour and communication you send out to the world and how this is perceived by others.

This tool provides you with a map to how the different DISC profiles typically communicate, and how you as a consultant and freelancer can change your own behaviour to align with what will be most effective with a specific receiver.

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D.I.S.C Profile Workshop


D – Dominant – Donald Trump

The dominant communication type is characterized by direct and clear speech. A D-profile will often talk first when answering the phone and will be quick to decide what you have to offer, and if this is worth their time. When communicating with D-profiles, you need to focus on presenting why exactly this conversation gives the person value in relation to a goal they pursue. If you are talking to a customer or partner with DISC profile D, make sure your pitch is ready. Remember to think “what’s in it for me” from the customer’s perspective; try to have a specific offer ready, and see if you can close the deal on-site.

I – Influence -Will Smith

DISC profile I types will also typically talk first, but they are motivated by popularity among their peers. I-profiles don’t necessarily need the specifics of the products as they are largely controlled by emotions when deciding. If the product is new, innovative and gives value to them now – then they are probably already on board. It is therefore important that you as a freelancer focus on how you can contribute with new and innovative ideas. For example, by emphasizing how your unique expertise – and through using “workforce on demand” in general – will make their organization agile, fast and competitive.

S – Stability – Gandhi

S-profiles are stability seekers and are harder to handle in direct sales. They are oriented towards the common best and value diversity in opinions, which is why they often will discuss a decision with their team. They seek security in the product through recommendations and previous customer satisfaction. It is therefore important that you refer to other similar situations, where you have been valuable. Their fear of making a wrong decision can sometimes pave the way for a sale, and it is therefore important to emphasize how your product is a safe choice. Therefore, consider before the meeting how to reduce the S-types uncertainty and skepticism in relation to what you want to present. If you can get a reference from someone in your shared network to confirm your arguments, it will certainly have a tremendous effect. If it is possible, you can also offer to present your service to the whole team, so that the stability-seeking person does not stand alone with the decision to hire you or buy your product.

C – Competence- Bill Gates

People with a DISC profile C are oriented towards data, rules and authorities. Their risk-averse nature requires a lot and concrete information before taking a decision. For these people, it would typically be better to send a follow-up mail, where they can read about price, quality and compare with alternative options. As a consultant, you should be precise in the facts and details you provide because, in case of mistakes, you risk losing trust from the C-person. The keywords in cooperating with people seeking competence, are a thorough preparation and to allow room for the C-person to make a well-informed decision.


Being industrious means you work hard at what you do. 

Does Things Correctly

You have high standards and you stick to them. You will not settle for doing less than your best, and you do not like any mistakes. Having things "right" is important to you. As long as you balance this strength with tolerance and you allow yourself and others to occasionally fail, you will contribute much to plans and the people in your life sets a good example for others.  

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